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 +====== History ======
 +//Dento// was first incorporated as //The Withervale Enclave// on the Empire Minecraft server in November of 2018.
 +After Empire Minecraft repeatedly became slow to update to newer versions of the game, at times taking years, the Enclave began to look for a newer alternative.
 +In February of 2020, //The Withervale Enclave// moved home to Eternal Realms, and was formally re-established as //Dento// with //New Withervale// serving as the capital city, and other auxiliary cities beginning to take shape.
 +Over the course of nearly 2 years, great progress has been made on //Azmar//, the port city constructed by **bynsy**, with planning and resource collection for //New Withervale// underway.
 +In recent times, //Dento// has been focused on commerce, to help support the server's relatively new economy.
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