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Welcome to the Dento Nation

We are glad to have you with us!


We strive to be a leading nation on Eternal Realms, both in terms of economic power and population, and we want you to accompany us on that journey.


Dento's design is heavily inspired by Nordic and Medieval influences, and aspires to create towns and cities that emulate the aesthetic of projects such as WesterosCraft. In having a unified look and feel we hope to create strong bonds within our community, and show what it means to be a Denton.

How to Join

The best way to get started is joining the Dento Nation Discord server.
Otherwise, sending a PM to CompaqDisc on the Eternal Realms forums is another way to join. link

What Now?

A great way to get familiar with Dento is exploring this wiki. Clicking on the logo area in the top left will bring you to the main page.

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